Ee 11 - exhibition. NATURAL ARTIFICE

Natural Artifice is a group exhibition that shows work by contemporary artists who explore photography's subversive capacity to influence and question the construction of reality.

Natural Artifice is about the truth hidden within illusions and visual deceit, it's about the simultaneously absurd and indispensable reliance on a consistent and trustworthy image of reality.

Ten practitioners contribute their vision of the collision between photographic deceit and reality to show the current state of representational practices. Natural Artifice asks what it means when photography remains the vehicle through which we learn about and disseminate experience and aspirations for material reality despite decades of criticism directed towards the intuitive assumptions of photography's veracity and objectivity.

Natural Artifice is made possible with support from the Danish Arts Foundation and The Dreyer Foundation.

Richard Barnes (USA)
Louis de Belle (IT/DE)
Asger Carlsen (DK/USA)
Karen Gamborg Knudsen (DK)
Anne Haaning (DK/NO/UK)
Vlatka Horvat (HR/UK)
Mette Juul (DK)
Karen Miranda-Rivadeneira (EC/USA)
Onorato & Krebs (CH/DE)
Claus Peder Pedersen (DK)
Frederik Petersen (DK/UK)
Fosi Vegue (ES)

Neil Bennun (UK/NO)
Samantha Lynch (UK/CAN)
Frederik Petersen (DK/UK)

Oxford Glass Tank Gallery
Abercrombie Building
Headington Campus
Oxford Brookes University
Oxford - OX3 0BP

Vernissage/Opening: Monday 22nd January
Exhibition Dates: 23rd January - 19th February from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

Exhibition overview
Vlatka Horvat
Mette Juul
Fosi Vegue
Anne Haaning
Karen Gamborg Knudsen
Asger Carlsen
Richard Barnes
Claus Peder Pedersen
Onorato & Krebs
Karen Miranda
Frederik Petersen
Louis de Belle
The pamhlet:http://entreentre.org/Ee12.html